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Aunsangate Rainbow Mountain Treks

.Experience the best of the Ausangate trek with Rainbow Mountains (Vinicunca) on this hiking adventure through one of Peru’s most timeless and wilderness regions, in Southern Cusco. This adventure trek takes you to travel off the beaten path, at the skirt of the Ausangate peak (6300m/21,000ft.), with impressive and beautiful landscapes of the Andes.

Alternative Treks to Machu Picchu


Best Alternative Treks to Machu Picchu–Are all the permits for the Classic Inca Trail sold out for the dates of your Peru adventure vacation? Do not worry!

We have other ideas for your hiking adventure to Machu Picchu. Because of the popularity of the Inca Trail, there are a number of other alternative treks to Machu Picchu which offer more solitude on the trail, breathtaking vistas, some Incan ruins, and include a visit to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail Trek to Machu picchu

We are daily departure  small group specialist Inca Land Adventures prides ourselves on Luxury, superior service to our clients, creating unique and memorable adventures all around Peru.

Manu Road Birdwatching tours

Birding in Manu is one of our favorite places. The Peruvian Amazon is never shown so openly as in the Manu National Park, birds everywhere!

We offer you birding and photography tour in one of the world best destinations for bird watching and wildlife tours added to excellent services and specialist guides in birds and nature to experience a perfect birding trip in Peru.


Inca Trail Trek Machu Picchu–It’s the most famous hike in South America – perhaps the world, and a must-do, life-changing experience.

The Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu Perú

The Inca Trail is Peru’s best known hike, combining a stunning mix of Inca ruins, mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest and rich subtropical jungle, Over 250 species of orchid have been counted in the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary.

The Alternative Treks to Machu picchu

We have other ideas for your hiking adventure to Machu Picchu. Because of the popularity of the Inca Trail, there are a number of other alternative treks to Machu Picchu which offer more solitude on the trail…

Luxury Inca Trail Trek to Mach Picchu Follow an ever-changing landscape when you hike to Machu Picchu on the Luxury Inca Trail hike.

Luxury Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

An all private tour of Peru including our signature Luxury gold Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. With superior services , all private guides and a Luxury Inca Trail like no other, this is a wonderfully affordable Adventure Peru …

inca land adventures owner
Inca Trail Trek to Machupicchu it is one of those hikes you must do it once in your lifetime

Why to Travel with Us!

What makes participating in our expeditions so tempting? The essential element of an expedition is the exploring. You walk,  Trek, Cultural Tours,Jungle Trips new or rarely travelled routes, competing with the elements , tropical forest, polar winds, heat and cold, but especially with yourself – because adventure travel is also a discovery of the self, your weaknesses and your strengths. But what can you still explore in the 21st century? With advances in technology making it possible to ‘visit’ virtually anywhere, you would think that we might have exhausted just about every option.

For us, that is hardly the case. On the surface of our planet, under the canopy of our tropical forests or below the clouds of the Andean depressions, there are still many mysteries and secrets to discover, to experience. 

We are Official Inca Trail Tour Operators

As many other tourist cities, the Cusco tourist business is monopolized by large foreign companies who do not share the history of the area or have a passion for our people. As Machu Picchu grows in popularity, more and more foreign companies are operating tours in our backyard, bringing all the profit back to their homes.

However, we are proud to say that Inca Land Adventures is a 100% PERUVIAN business based in Cusco city which was the heart of the Inca empire and the closest city of Machu Picchu.

Inca Land Adventures, a local tour operator in Cusco that offers amazing Peru treks, provides you with the day trips, tours and trek packages you want.

We’re a 100% Peruvian-owned tour operator that offers fantastic experiences to untouched and unknown wilderness areas in the country. We deliver only the best to our adventure-loving clients while providing families within the Cusco region with employment and educational opportunities through our activities and business ventures.

The Right Choice

Whether that lasting effect is in the form of a life-long memory or retention of learning; it is a memory that extends the experience over time. For me, the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur comes from being able to bring an idea into reality and seeing how these new concepts change people’s preconceived ideas about what travel is and what it can be.

I am very proud to say that I have accomplished this goal. Inca Land Adventures has developed treks where travelers explore their boundaries, test their mental and physical limitations, and experience the unfamiliar. These unique and challenging expeditions provide a complete experience that leaves one feeling reborn and fully enriched.

In cooperation with the best and most knowledgeable family staff, Trip leaders, Guides, Cooks, Porters and Horsemen, combined with small-group exclusivity and innovative Treks, Inca Land Adventures creates a truly unique Peruvian adventure. 

A Leader In The Industry

We been Guiding tailor-made itineraries in Adventure, Ecotourism, Bird Watching, Conventional and “off the beaten track” Tours for more than 18 years.

Inca Land Adventures is for travelers who want a more authentic holiday that also benefits the environment and local people.

We offer and practice responsible tourism by designing more enjoyable and authentic holidays that maximize the benefits to local communities, that minimize any negative social or environmental impacts of tourism, that help local people in health and education, and that conserve fragile cultures, habitats and species.

Our mission is to act as a conduit and open a window into the little known aspects of the region.

 Satisfied Customers

My family of four hiked the rigorous 4 day Inca trail on a private hike with Flavio, owner of Inca land Adventures. I highly recommend Incaland! Everything was first class, from the food to the service to the tents and equipment. My kids are very picky eaters and loved almost everything! And food becomes very important when you are hiking several hours a day. They even baked a delicious cake on our last night and we still cannot comprehend how they did this!, read more

Flavio and his team are the best you will find anywhere! The Inca trail is rough and you could literally spend your entire trip looking at nothing but your feet. Flavio made sure that the journey was an experience by pointing out all the birds and flora along the way. It brought you out of yourself and any discomfort you were having just trying to breathe at 10000 plus feet. He made it a wonderful! He encouraged us every step of the way and made sure we had exactly what we needed. read more…

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